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As a private daycare the services we offer our students and teachers are more tailored to the needs of our students.  We offer a series of specialized classes that have been developed through understanding of the education standards required by the state and expanded to create a higher quality of education and daycare for our students.  We are open early for those parents who have to get to work ahead of traffic or are just required to get up early, and stay open until 6 for those parents who may hit traffic or work late.  We do this for the convenience of each of our student’s parents so they know someone responsible is watching over their children.

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We are always happy to take in new children and are happy to work with you as parents to come to the best accommodation for time and payment so your children can have the best educational and daycare experience possible. We also accept vouchers from the state or corporate companies for daycare and if you need help applying for them or determining what financial assistance you are eligible for, we are happy to assist you with that as well.

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